Our Reversal Patients from Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Richmond and throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware

Men from Washington DC, Baltimore and throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware that want the very best chances for fathering children after vasectomy often choose ICVR, America’s top full-time, reversal only vasectomy reversal center. With up to a published 99.5% success for most men, and successful reversals as far out as 25 to 42 years from vasectomy, with almost 6000 patients, doesn’t it makes sense to have it done right the first time?

Of course, there are excellent doctors locally that also do reversals, but at ICVR, reversals are all we do. We don’t just perform reversals, we actually teach and write the courses! Dr. Marks has taught reversal techniques to doctors from all over the world for many years!

“Every member of our team is committed to give you the absolute best reversal possible with the absolute best medical care you have ever had or will ever have.”
Sheldon H F Marks, MD

Here are some of the many reasons so many from every state in the US and more than 78 countries around the world choose ICVR:

– Each doctor limits his practice to only one reversal a day
No doctors-in-training are allowed to participate so your surgeon performs your entire surgery
No charge sperm banking at time of your reversal
– We avoid risky general anesthesia by using mild IV sedation so your reversal and recovery is comfortable and pain-free

Why settle for anything less than the best?

With so much at stake, Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows offer you the very highest chances for achieving your dream, and the best possible care before, during and after your reversal.

Call us 888-722-2929 or email info@dadsagain.com to arrange a no-cost office, phone, Skype or FaceTime consultation to find out more about what makes ICVR the logical choice for so many men from Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia Beach and throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware.