Don’t all Reversal Doctors get the Same Success?
Absolutely not!

This is very much a “buyer beware” situation. Your success depends on the doctor you choose. You would be surprised how many doctors don’t use current techniques or stay up-to-date by attending specialty meetings. The desire to perform reversals does not magically empower the surgeon with the skill, knowledge and expertise to do it right. Motivation is important but it alone is not enough. You want the absolute best, true expert to do it right, the first time so you can have your dream of children.

I can guarantee you that every doctor that performs reversals will have some successes that they proudly display. As the old saying goes, “even the blind squirrel will find an occasional acorn.” Even the high-volume doctors that are not as good as they want you to believe will have successes. But at a lower rate than the very best reversal experts.

Separating Out Truth from the Lies
Often doctors will proudly announce a high success rate, but when you dig a little deeper you may discover that they are not at all what they want you to believe. Some claim to be doing microsurgery but instead of correctly using a high-powered surgical microscope, they use much weaker magnifying glasses (called Loupes). Others will tell you that they perform state-of-the-art reversals when in fact they’re using simpler, less successful but faster or cheaper techniques from decades ago.

Some will tell you that they are trained in microsurgery, yet the truth is they may have had some microsurgery experience in totally unrelated fields such as general surgery, orthopedic surgery or OB, but they are not trained in urologic microsurgery for vasectomy reversals. They don’t understand that there is so much more to your reversal that throwing a few sutures, such as understanding your hormones and all that can impact on your success over the 6 to 12 months after surgery.

Just as scary, there are some doctors that claim that they had special vasectomy reversal training, when they only took a weekend course learning basic skills on rat testicles or simply watched someone do few reversals and then declared themselves an “expert.” A few hours of lectures and a couple of hours of lab does not make them trained or qualified as an expert.

This is a major life decision, as your choice will likely impact on whether or not your dreams come true. Take the time to learn all you can and ask the tough questions and we are confident you will quickly understand why so many choose to come to ICVR for their reversal.

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