Where Our Patients Are From

Our happy patients say it best. Almost every day we receive thank you letters from our patients from every state in the US and from 78 countries around the world. We are especially proud of these letters from medical insiders (doctors, nurses and hospital administrators) that have done their research and have selected us for their vasectomy reversal. They truly understand what makes the difference, and though there are local options, have decided to travel to ICVR for the best chances for success.

Of course, there are good reversal doctors who are closer and can do a good job. But for the very highest level of care and the absolute best chances for success and achieving your dream, doesn’t it make sense to seek out the very best vasectomy reversal expert? When we are talking about something so important, with such life long implications, why would anyone settle for less?

How much have you saved if you opted for a discount surgeon or convenient doctor and the reversal doesn’t work?

Convenience makes sense only when the care and results are comparable. Whether you’re talking about Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic or the Cleveland Clinic… and yes, for vasectomy reversals, the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, there is a clear difference and reason why so many patients travel to Drs. Marks and Burrows for their vasectomy reversal.

We specialize in performing redo reversals, where we have to fix the failed first attempts from elsewhere where people assumed that staying local or opting for a discount reversal was the priority.

Is any distance too far for your future family?

Talk to us today and let us help you, 888-722-2929 or info@dadsagain.com.

When you look at our maps, red pins represent 25 patients, where white and black pins each represent one patient. We used to use only black pins but when there was a shortage, we began using white pins to signify more recent patients.