Only One Reversal a Day is Best

We are proud that both doctors have made a decision that it is best for our patients to for each to limit their practice to only do one reversal a day.

We are not now, nor do we ever intend to be a “factory” as are some other reversal doctors, doing as many reversals as can be done in a day.

Rather, Drs. Marks and Burrows choose to each schedule just one vasectomy reversal a day. This way, they have the luxury of time to do whatever is needed. This allows the doctor to provide the highest level of focus and attention to detail to perform the very best microsurgical reversal possible. By doing only one reversal a day, the doctor can do whatever needs to be done, whether vas to-vas or an epididymal bypass, without the pressure of rushing to more cases or being fatigued from earlier reversals.

Be aware that most hospitals and surgery centers get paid by how many cases they can cram into a day, often up to 12 or more. They don’t get paid by how good job the doctors do. For these facilities, the doctors are under pressure to move fast, as if the surgery takes more time than anticipated, it can delay and upset other doctors waiting to follow.

Just as bad are the doctors that think that it is acceptable to perform multiple perform quickie reversals in a day. I have heard from patients about doctors that will brag about doing 5 to 7 reversals a day, as if that is a good thing to brag about. If you were going in for heart surgery would you want your doctor to brag that he can do 5 in a day? Or that he is proud that he can do a 3 hour surgery in 45 minutes?

Knowing what is involved performing many thousands of reversals, there is simply no way that any doctor can perform a state of the art microsurgical vasectomy reversal so fast.

How do these doctors, many of which are not even urologists, find a way to rocket through and do them so fast? Is it because without any training or real experience they are just amazingly “gifted” doctors so much better than all the other world’s top experts who spent decades perfecting skills? How do they perform 2 to 3 hour surgeries in just 45 to 60 minutes? You don’t want to know.

What’s even more frustrating is that these doctors should know better. They should be seeking out advice and guidance from top experts like those here at ICVR.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation with one of our urologic microsurgeons, please call 888-722-2929 or write to where they make several decisions none of which are in your best interest.

Keeping a schedule for multiple procedures. Because of the demands and intensity of focus involved when performing a multi-hour microsurgical vasectomy reversal, Drs. Marks and Burrows feel that by limiting themselves to just one reversal procedure a day, they can give each patient their very best attention to detail and total commitment to achieving the very best results.