Secrets of Discount Doctors

Secrets of the Discount Reversal Doctors
There are many ways that doctors cut their costs so they can draw you to their low cost, “discount” reversals. To correctly perform a vasectomy reversal there are fixed costs that simply cannot be avoided – a high quality surgical microscope, special microsutures and micro-instruments, experienced nurses and surgical assistants, the type of sedation and the surgical technique they use as well as how they handle after-care.

You Get What You Pay For
How much have you saved if the reversal doesn’t work or you have complications and you do not achieve your dream of having children because you chose a discount doctor? The following is a review of what we have been told by patients about their failed reversal experiences elsewhere, before they came to ICVR for their redo reversal.

Sedation Nightmares
Some doctors sit by themselves without anyone administering sedatives or monitoring your vitals, comfort or safety. We frequently hear horror stories of some doctors that simply give you handful of pills as your total sedation and give you another Valium to chew when the pain gets too bad.

There are reversal doctors that put you at added risk to save a few dollars because they do not have training or professional support staff, safety and monitoring equipment as we do at ICVR.

The Facility
Your reversal should be performed in a state-of-the-art operating suite designed, built and equipped for vasectomy reversals as we have at ICVR. There are some “experts” that use a converted garage, living room or a fancy office procedure room that they call their OR. Others use a surgery center or hospital where there is pressure to go fast plus the doctor often has no say in the microsutures, specialized instruments or microscope.

Surgical Microscope…or Not
Many discount doctors charge less because despite what they claim, they do not use a high quality, high-powered surgical microscope. Instead, they use magnifying glasses (called Loupes) or a cheap, training scope not designed for the precision and magnification needed for a correctly performed vasectomy reversal.

Staff – Bare Bones Skeleton Staff, If Any at All
Some think they can squeak by with a minimal staff to save you a few dollars rather than an experienced, support staff of trained medical professionals. This is fine, until there is a problem or question during or after your reversal.

Follow-Up care
If you have any issues or questions afterwards with discount doctors, you are usually on your own. They think that “you paid for the reversal” and then they are done with you. Because they don’t understand, they tell you incorrectly go try to get pregnant and if it doesn’t work then you can get a sperm count in 6 to 12 months.

Quickie Reversals
A correctly performed vasectomy reversal takes about 2 to 2 ½ hours. There is just no way that anyone can do a correctly performed vasectomy reversal in an hour or less, as some brag about.

Technique – Do They Use a Current Technique or a Cheaper, Faster Old Technique?
Many of these quickie doctors don’t do a true multi-layer state-of-the-art reversal or don’t even use the finest microsutures. They may even announce they won’t perform the bypass, even when needed (they explain that it is not needed).

Success – the Bottom Line
When your reversal is performed correctly by a true master, using the right tools, your chances for success are the very best – as high as 99.5% here at ICVR.

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