7 Myths about Vasectomy Reversal Doctors

Myth #1. The urologist that performed your vasectomy has the skills and experience to do your reversal.

This is FALSE. In fact, this is rarely correct. Any doctor is capable of performing a vasectomy, a short and simple procedure. A correctly performed vasectomy reversal is a technically challenging 2 to 3 hour advanced microsurgery. This requires many years of experience and a level of skill that can only be perfected by expert microsurgeons. Of course, many doctors will gladly do your reversal, though with substantially lower success and higher chances for risks and complications.

Myth # 2. Any doctor who says that they can perform your reversal will be able to 
achieve the highest level of success.

This is FALSE. We know that with any technically challenging skill and especially surgery, doctors who perform these procedures frequently over many years achieve much higher success rates with fewer problems than urologists who perform these procedures on an occasional basis. This is especially true for microsurgical vasectomy reversals. Just because the doctor says he can do something does not mean that he is able to achieve the highest level of success (compared to a true specialist). Knowing what to do simply does not mean you can do it well.

Myth #3. Having my doctor nearby is more important than results.

This is FALSE.
If you have a true top-rated microsurgical specialist in your community, then you are fortunate. Most do not. Think about the momentary inconvenience vs. your chances for a successful reversal. How important is the convenience of your reversal if it does not work? Most people understand that it’s worth the time and effort to seek out the best possible microsurgeon for their vasectomy reversal.

Travel is often necessary to get the highest chances for your reversal success. Many patients, including many doctors and nurses, understand this and that is why Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins are so busy providing all types of care for patients from around the world. (By the way, a senior Mayo administrator did his research and chose ICVR.) There is a reason that most of our patients travel to ICVR from every state in the US and from more than 78 countries around the world.

Myth #4. Reversals cannot work because of anti-sperm antibodies.

This is FALSE. Time and time again, we hear this pure and simple hogwash from “experts” who say that reversals cannot work because of anti-sperm antibodies. It is normal for many men to develop anti-sperm antibodies at the time of the vasectomy. But for the vast majority, these antibodies are of no significance, do not interfere with fertility and often fade away. We presented important research at an international fertility conference showing the antibodies are not a problem and rarely impact on fertility after vasectomy reversal. We even have patients that have 100% antibodies and still fathered several children naturally without difficulty. Any doctor that tries to scare you by talking about the “antibodies problem”or other variations of the bad sperm idea is not up-to-date, misinformed, or trying to sell you something.

Myth #5. All doctors that perform reversals have similar success rates.

This is FALSE. Many doctors would like you to believe that they can offer you the same high success rates as ICVR, up to 99.5% or they are happy with 60% to 90% success. As with everything in life, some people do things better than others.
It is so important that you find the absolute best doctor you can, realizing that the surgeon you choose will probably make the difference as to whether or not your reversal is a success. Many men assume that the doctor they were referred to must be good at reversals. This is again just not true. We encourage you to do your research to find the very best, being careful to watch out for the false experts.

Myth #6. You should choose your vasectomy reversal doctor because of cost.

This is FALSE. Of course, cost is important. But so are results. How much have you saved if you have a serious problem or the reversal is a failure because you chose the cheaper, discount doctor? Instead of cost, think of a reversal as an investment in achieving your dreams. What do you get for that cost? Would you choose a heart or brain surgeon because he is thousands of dollars cheaper than the very best doctors? Should you trust your dream of a family to the cheapest doctor you can find? Our goal at ICVR is to give you the very best care and the most advanced reversal at an affordable price.

Myth #7. IVF is as cost-effective as a reversal with similar risks.

This is FALSE. Study after study confirms that the most cost-effective way to restore fertility after a vasectomy is with a correctly performed microsurgical vasectomy reversal. In fact, some fertility experts are concerned that too many people are being misdirected directly to IVF, which has 3 to 5 times the cost and with greater and sometimes very serious risks to the mother and baby, some of which can last a lifetime. When you consider the added costs and risks, a reversal with natural conception makes more sense.

If you have questions, please contact us at our full time, reversal only center at 888-722-2929 or info@dadsagain.com to become part of our family where we are “making men dads againTM.”