4 Types of Vasectomy Reversal Doctors (and the Three to Avoid!)

There are four categories of doctors that can legally perform vasectomy reversals, even if they are not trained. It can be challenging to find the real experts among so many that are not qualified.

1. True Experts. These are the doctors you want – respected, experienced, trained urologists that are true micro-surgeons who perform reversals frequently, stay up-to-date attending fertility society meetings, publish papers, write book chapters and teach courses to other reversal doctors. These are the best doctors to give you the highest chances for success with the fewest complications. Among this group there are a very small number of elite urologists who have dedicated their entire practice to only vasectomy reversals. You are smart to limit your choices to a urologist in this “true expert” category.

2. Wannabe Experts. These are general urologists who promote themselves as experts and want you to think they are the same as the true experts. They hope that if they have an impressive website and claim to be an expert, many will incorrectly assume that they are an expert when they are not. They will provide lesser care and have some successes but at a much lower rate with more problems that a true expert.

3. Hobby Doctor. This category of general urologists will gladly do your reversal, telling you that they are “trained” and claiming they can do a great job, but only as part of a busy general urology practice while they also care for everything else – prostate cancer, bladder tumors, ED, infections, stones and kidney issues. These are usually good, competent urologists just down the street, but they may only perform a few reversals a year. Some quote the published success rates of true, high-volume experts as if they were their own. But without the day-to-day reversal experience, they cannot not have perfected the hard-to-achieve skills and judgment to perform reversals with high success.

4. False Experts. Yes, these are doctors and surgeons, but they are not urologists (urologists are the only doctors that have years of specialty residency training and experience learning male reproduction and microsurgery). Though hard to believe, these doctors are from every specialty that has no training in reversals. These doctors incorrectly believe the desire to do reversals with unrelated surgical experience in a totally different field, or from a weekend course or watching a few reversals somehow qualifies them to claim to be expert in urologic microsurgery. It does not.

Would you trust an orthopedic surgeon to do your father’s heart surgery or and OB to do your sister’s face lift? WE have asked our patients who are surgeons in other fields, after seeing what we have done, do they feel that they could do reversals? Their answer is a resounding no. They have told us they there is nothing in their training or practice that would adequately train them to do reversals, and that reversals are well outside their scope of training and practice.

What these self-proclaimed experts don’t understand is that there is much more to reversal success than throwing a few sutures. Staying up-to-date on critical aspects of male fertility, medications that impact on sperm, sperm function and hormones are just as important before, during and after for success. Yet these doctors just don’t get it, and that’s the problem.

We are confident that, like so many others that come to ICVR from every state in the US and more than 78 countries around the world, you will quickly understand why there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

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