The Truth about the Number of Years Since Your Vasectomy and Reversal Success

In the hands of a skilled and experienced urologic microsurgeon, you can have a high chance for success as far out as 42 years from vasectomy.

“But my doctor said a reversal could not work because I am 10 years out!” This is so wrong on many levels. Either the doctor is not up-to-date or is selling something.

Far too often many doctors mistakenly tell their patients that a reversal can’t work because they are too far out from vasectomy. This is not true! They don’t realize that they are quoting you success from 1970’s data – he’s telling you today what you can expect based on 40-year-old information from old, abandoned techniques and decision-making.

Here at our full time, reversal only center we have a proven, published very high success in men as high as 99.5%, from 10 to 42 years from vasectomy!

We even have the world record, a successful reversal 42 years from vasectomy, now with a 16-year-old daughter.

We published a paper in a leading journal that showed that as the years go by, your chances do increase slowly for an epididymal bypass surgery (VE), but that these can still be very successful at 70 to 90% success. The only way to know what technique is correct is by microscopically analyzing the fluid during the reversal.

Here’s what we found in a recent review of almost 2800 reversals at our center – the longer you go from vasectomy the higher the likelihood that you will have developed deeper epididymal blockage and so will need a VE bypass. The need for a bypass gradually starts at 2 years after vasectomy, gradually increasing until it levels off at about 22 years from vasectomy. This means that the chances for success stay the same whether you are 22 or 42 years out.

The key is that there is no way to determine this before your surgery. No one can say what technique you will need based on the number of years.

Does this mean that if I am less than 9 or 10 years it would be fine to go to a doctor that only does vas-to-vas connections? Absolutely not!

If you look at the graph you will see that starting at about 7 years, 1/3 of all men with need a bypass on one or both sides. Even at just 3 to 4 years, there are times when we find deeper blockage and so have to perform VE’s. Every paper that looks at this, and at every course or lecture, the experts say the same thing- if you can’t or won’t do VE, it not fair for the patient to do only offer the vas-to-vas reversal, yes even for men less than 10 years from vasectomy. Be wary of the doctors that proudly announce that they only do vas-to-vas connections. Just as bad, be wary of the surgeons that decide what technique you will get ahead of time based on the number of years instead of what is seen in the vasal fluid.

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