Recovery After Your Vasectomy Reversal

Almost all men have a surprisingly quick and uneventful recovery after their vasectomy reversal at ICVR. This is because we are a full time, reversal only center, with each doctor limiting himself to just one reversal a day so that they are not rushing to the next surgery nor are they fatigued from earlier cases. Our goal is to give you the very best reversal with easiest recovery.

We give you a 17-page bound booklet of customized instructions, specific to you and what we found about your care, recovery medications, lifestyle, exercise and work.

Pain free!
Most men don’t even ask for a single Tylenol after their reversal here. Most of our patients tell us they know that they had surgery, but that if they feel anything it is usually described as a “fullness,” tightness or pressure sensation but no pain, much easier than the vasectomy itself. When the doctors come to your hotel the next morning for the “house call,” most men tell us that they can’t even believe that they had any surgery. Because we do many redo reversals on men who had their first failed reversal elsewhere, we know that this is not the case with so many other doctors.

House arrest.
It is important that you stay off your feet, at house arrest, for 48 to 72 hours after your reversal to allow the tissues to heal.This is not to the time to go shopping, sightseeing or horseback riding.

First 2 weeks.
Once you get past the first 3 days, then it is usually acceptable to begin most normal light duty activities. Nothing strenuous is the rule.

Limitations on activities.
It’s best to avoid any extreme heavy lifting or straining for a full 4 to 6 weeks. You can gradually resume working out, but no core activities such as squats, crunches or leg presses. Specific instructions are customized to you based on what we found, what we did and your particular questions and activity. The key is to let the delicate tissues heal. By following the recommendations, you help to minimize your risks for any complications.

Sexual activity.
It is important to not have any sexual activity for 14 days after your reversal to let the connections heal. Then you are encouraged to ejaculate once every 24 to 48 hours to keep things flowing. You do not need to flush out old sperm. The female reproductive tract will filter out any sperm that is not perfect.

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