A vasectomy reversal is the most logical, cost-effective way of having a child after vasectomy.

A correctly performed microsurgical vasectomy reversal is one of the most technically challenging surgeries in urology and maybe all of medicine. The goal is for the urologic microsurgeon to precisely reconnect the damaged ends of the vas in multiple layers under a surgical microscope. This will allow sperm to once again flow and restore fertility after vasectomy.

Our experts can offer you a success as high as 99.5% at our full-time, reversal only center.

Men travel to us from every state in the US and more than 78 countries around the world, where each doctor limits himself to only one reversal a day.

What sets us apart is that the doctors of ICVR are one of only a handful of true experts internationally that actually teach other urologists how to perform reversals. We also write the book chapters about reversals, the certification course on reversals and even a textbook. Plus, we are the experts for WebMD, Dr.Weil.com and BottomLine.

As you can expect, there are many doctors that will do your reversal but don’t perform these very often or they cut corners to appear affordable, so you get lower success. Others don’t even continue your care afterwards to be sure your numbers are good. Surprisingly many are not even trained in urology or reversals, yet they still market themselves as reversal experts. As you do your research you will quickly see that most experts are not what they want you to believe.

Consider the doctor you choose is an investment that will likely impact on whether or not your reversal works. We are confident that when you do your research you will quickly see what makes ICVR the smart choice.

We encourage you to read more on our site, email info@dadsagain.com or call us at 888-722-2929 to learn about who we are and why you get so much more for your investment as we work to “Make Men Dads AgainTM.”

Vasectomy Reversals