Vasectomy Reversal

A Vasectomy Reversal

To understand what a vasectomy reversal involves, it is helpful to first understand your vasectomy.

A vasectomy is a relatively simple, surgical sterilization procedure for men. An estimated 600,000 vasectomies are performed in the U.S. each year. The vas deferens is a long spaghetti-like tube that transports the sperm from the testicles. The vasectomy is often done in the doctor's office as a relatively quick, minor procedure using local numbing medicine though with little or no sedation. During the vasectomy, a small segment of the vas is removed and the open ends of the vas are then closed with stitches, cautery or metal clips. The vasectomy procedure is always a variation on the same basic theme - to damage the vas and block the flow of sperm, though every doctor uses their own slightly different technique. The vas deferens does not transport the male hormone testosterone, which is also made by the testicles but gets into the bloodstream through veins. Thus, a vasectomy has no effect on a man's testosterone, sex drive or erections. Get a no-cost pre-surgical consult to help answer your questions about the vasectomy reversal procedure.

The good news is that because there is usually plenty of extra length of vas in the scrotum, the specific technique used or the amount of vas removed is rarely a problem when the vasectomy reversal is performed by a skilled and experienced microsurgeon.  Read about ICVR and the 3D surgery system for Vasectomy Reversals.

What's a Vasectomy Reversal?

A Vasectomy Reversal is a challenging surgery where the scarred ends of the vas are microsurgically reconnected in multiple layers under a high-powered surgical microscope. This allows sperm to flow again through the vas. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 or more men each year change their minds and want to restore their fertility with a reversal. Regardless of how many years have passed since the vasectomy, microsurgical vasectomy reversal in the hands of an experienced microsurgeon is proven to be the most logical and least expensive way to achieve pregnancy. A vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalization or overnight stay! This 2 1/2 to 3 hour surgery is considered one of the most technically challenging in all of medicine.

What determines vasectomy reversal success?

The single most important factor for vasectomy reversal success is the skill and experience of the microsurgeon you choose. In fact, this is the only factor that you control. Every urologist has some knowledge or experience with reversals through their residency training or with an occasional reversal in practice. Everyone knows that with anything technically challenging, there will always be a small number who have perfected those skills and achieve the highest level of success. This is especially true in the vasectomy reversal field.

There are only a small number of true urologic microsurgeons who have the experience and surgical expertise needed to offer patients the absolute best technical surgical procedure and the highest possible success. Patients need to be "buyer beware" when selecting a vasectomy reversal center, as any doctor can create a slick website or make impressive claims that may not be true. Every doctor that does an occasional reversal can achieve some successes and some happy patients. But you owe it to yourself to take the time and find the doctor that will give you your best chances for success. You should approach your choice for a microsurgeon and reversal center with the same intense scrutiny as you would if you were choosing a neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery or a plastic surgeon to operate on your face. Experience, reputation and doctor accessibility are other important elements that patients should seek to find in their surgeon. These qualities, with the highest level of success and an unsurpassed level of caring, make ICVR one of the most trusted names for vasectomy reversal in the world.

Don't be fooled, there is no On / Off Switch.  The expertise of a microsurgeon specialist that focuses on Vasectomy Reversals with a 99.5% success rate is the best bet.

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