About ICVR – Our Backstory

(Who we are, what makes us worthy of your consideration)

ICVR remains one of the top vasectomy reversal centers in the world, if not the very best. What did we do to become the best?

Our history.
26 years ago, the dream of creating the very best specialty reversal center became a reality. The vision of a reversal only “center-of-excellence” old world, best-of-the-best reversal practice was started. We decided decades ago that we were not going to give in to the pressure to practice high volume, bus station style, “cramming in many patients as we can in a day” medicine. The goal was quality, not quantity.

Instead, the doctors have always limited their care to one reversal a day and no charge for consultations or for banking sperm. This is the way we would want it done on ourselves, because it’s the way it should be done.

ICVR Today.
For many years, our proven and published success up to 99.5% is the very highest even among true experts. With many thousands and thousands of babies from almost 6000 patients over several decades, we see patients Monday to Friday from every state in the US and more than 78 countries around the world. We even have babies from our reversal babies!

“We realize that having a reversal is not about us. Rather, it is about the magic that happens when we do our job.”
Dr. Sheldon Marks

ICVR’s philosophy is that the doctors and staff strive to give every patient the very best reversal possible with the very best medical care they have ever had or will ever have. We understand that we can’t rest on our past awards and successes. Instead, we have to redefine and be better every day.

Performing reversals is not a job to us – it is our passion.

ICVR is rare in the reversal world in that we have two highly skilled and respected urologic microsurgeons, Dr. Sheldon Marks and Dr. Peter Burrows, who perform more reversals in a week than most urologists do in a few years.

We all work together for one purpose, one goal – to give every patient the very best success and care before, during and after your reversal. And that care is not just the reversal – we stay involved as long as needed to be sure that you reach the very highest results and stay there!

True experts.
ICVR’s doctors are true experts that actually teach the classes at international urology and fertility conferences and write the courses for other reversal doctors around the world. Plus, we publish important papers, invent new micro-instruments and techniques used by other reversal doctors, and write textbook chapters.

Find out more why ICVR is the smart choice by calling 888-722-2929 or emailing us at info@dadsagain.com.