How Discount Reversal Doctors Cut Corners

Cutting corners with vasectomy reversals. There are a number of ways that less-than-ethical doctors reduce their costs so they can offer you a very low cost discount reversal, while they promote the illusion of safety, comfort and success. But it is nothing more than an illusion. To do a vasectomy reversal correctly there are some costs that simply cannot be avoided – a high quality surgical microscope, the right microsutures, the micro-instruments, professional support staff, the correct level of sedation and the surgical technique they use. So you may pay less in money but what is your cost if you do not achieve your dream of a new family because you chose a discount low cost reversal doctor?

Sedation - nightmares of the cheap reversal. Some doctors sit alone without any medical professional administering sedatives or monitoring your safety. I frequently hear horror stories of some doctors that simply give you a Valium tablet to relax you before surgery as your total sedation. Then, as one patient's wife told me "when his screams were loud enough they would give him additional pieces of another broken Valium to chew on. We had no idea how unpleasant the experience would be."

Safety - why they don’t care. Some self-proclaimed reversal doctors do not have or use state of the art safety and monitoring equipment as we do at ICVR. They have found it is much cheaper to not buy and maintain these expensive and necessary pieces of equipment. Many are not trained or certified to handle any rare emergencies. It's just another way they cut corners and one more risk you take.

The facility – is the doctor really serious? Your reversal should be preformed in a true facility designed, built and equipped for vasectomy reversals. One patient told me of a story where he went to a doctor for his reversal only to discover the operating room was actually converted garage. Others think that simply using an office exam room is enough.

Surgical microscopemany discount doctors are able to charge less because they do not use a high powered surgical microscope. Instead, they use a cheap, hand assist scope not designed for the precision and magnification needed for a correctly performed vasectomy reversal.

Staff - bare bone skeleton staff, if any at all. Some think they can squeak by with a minimal staff rather than a senior, professional medical support staff. If you have questions or problems, you should talk to a senior professional with decades of experience.

Quickie reversals. A correctly performed vasectomy reversal under a surgical microscope takes time - in the hands of world-class experts about 2 ½ hours on average. There is just no way that anyone can do a modern vasectomy reversal in an hour or so, as so many do, often performing many of these lightning fast reversals in a day. This high volume approach allows them to do multiple "quickie" vasectomy reversals in a day.  The big question you should ask is what are they not doing so that they can go so fast?

Technique do they use a current technique or a cheaper, faster old technique that was abandoned decades ago because it was less effective? Chances are these quickie high volume doctors don't do a full state-of-the-art reversal with multiple layers and dozens of precisely placed micro-sutures as is the standard of care. They quote old papers suggesting that their technique is just as good. We frequently read the operative notes of these cut-rate reversals and see that many times the doctors place just a few stitches and call it a day. On their web sites they claim they perform state-of-the-art reversals when the truth is they really don’t. When I perform a redo vasectomy reversal from one of the discount vasectomy reversal doctors, despite their claims and assurances on their websites that they use the most advanced techniques, it is obvious they did not do the reversal as advertised.

Many of these doctors don't know how or won't try to perform a bypass if it is needed. In fact, they don't even look to see if they are doing the right or wrong operation.

Success - the bottom line. When you read these cut-rate discount reversal websites you can see subtle clues that you really are not getting what you think. There is no question that even the doctors that recently proclaimed themselves to be experts will gets some successes and babies. That is not the question. What we know is that when your reversal is performed correctly by a true master, your chances for success are substantially higher- as high as 99%. 

International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, PC, Physicians & SurgeonsMedicalM.D., Tucson, AZ