Why Not Just Use the Cheapest?

Your cost is really an investment in your future family. It is important to know that each doctor offers different success rates and levels of care, which translates to different chances for achieving your dream of children. Many discount cheaper doctors often cut corners in ways you wouldn’t want to know, which often means a lower chance for success and more complications. When looking for a heart surgeon for your father or a chemotherapy doctor for your daughter do you shop around looking for the cheapest or do you take your time to find the very best.

Considering what’s at stake, why settle for anything less than the best?

Everyone claims high success
Just as scary, many doctors claim to have high success when there is no way to really know if they are being honest. Why? You should know that it’s really just their word – they don’t publish their results, they don’t belong to or even attend specialty society meetings to learn what’s new and advances, and many don’t perform critical steps in the reversal. Some quote our high success as if it was their own.

Based on what we see, there are many leaders that believe that some self-proclaimed experts are just making up their numbers, with no way to verify or know for sure. Anyone can say anything on the internet. Here at ICVR, we publish and present our results to our colleagues. No magical claims that are not supported by facts. When you ask us questions, you get the truth, because you have a right to know when you decide.

Don’t assume
In anything in medicine, you will often be wrong if you assume that all doctors get the same results, because they don’t. Like anything that is technically challenging in life, some are more skilled or better at it than others. Not everyone that wants to fly a jet can, nor can those “called” to teach astronomy or be an NFL quarterback get to do it. Urologic microsurgery is more than knowing what to do. Take the time to dig deeper and find out if the doctors you are considering really are what they claim. Many times, you be surprised what you discover. And many cut corners to offer lower prices- they use cheaper sutures, older simple techniques, no support staff or after care – all important for safety and to get the very best results.

Watch out for surprise bills
Just because it sounds less expensive is it really? We frequently hear about horror stories from patients who had their first reversal by a discount “expert.” They were quoted a low reversal cost, only to receive surprise bills after the vasectomy reversal up to many thousands of dollars! There are also many doctors who surprise their patients with the news that additional or more complex surgery such as a bypass was performed and so now you owe additional hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The good news is that at ICVR, we offer a fixed “no surprise” all-inclusive package price for your reversal.

Find out the facts so you can make an intelligent, informed decision. Call 888-233-9907 or email info@dadsagain.com. We are here to answer any questions and when you are ready, to set up a no cost consultation with one of our doctors for phone, office, FaceTime or Skype.