Cost of Vasectomy Reversal

Cost of the reversal is one of the worst reasons for you to choose one reversal doctor over another. Of course it would be foolish to not consider cost, as long as you understand the hidden secrets about cost and vasectomy reversal.

Success of your surgery is the primary goal.

That’s why you are having the surgery, to get results. If you think about the ultimate purpose of your reversal, the first criteria for choosing your doctor should really be “will I have my fertility restored from this surgery?”
Once you identify the very best doctors, then it makes sense to look at cost.

Total costs for a reversal can run anywhere from only $800 to more than $70,000 or more. The cost for a true expert runs from about $8700 to $20,000 with a few as much as $60,000. But be very careful as many doctors offer a cost that seems reasonable, only to find out that there are many additional costs and fees.

Some doctors quote their own fee, and fail to mention all the other expenses and charges. Here at ICVR, we offer a fixed, no surprises package price for everything.

Of course, there will always be the “discount” doctors that want you to believe that they can offer the same results at a huge savings. These doctors warn you to stay away from the greedy doctors that charge so much, when really they don’t want you to know what they do to give you a cheap reversal.

Sadly these busy reversal doctors cut corners and mislead you about their training and results, often with impressive websites to convince people that their discount reversals are just as good as the top experts. Many of these doctors actually do sloppy surgery, don’t analyze the fluid, don’t perform bypasses even if needed, and give you incorrect instructions with no aftercare. If you have a question or problem you are on your own. You can choose these discount quickie doctors, but shouldn’t you really understand just what you are giving up to save a few dollars?

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