Cost of a Reversal

Cost is dollars that you pay for a product or service where value is what you get for what you pay. Too often people only look at dollars out-of-pocket and don’t think about what they get or don’t get in return. They mistakenly think the cheapest is just as good.

Total costs for a reversal can run anywhere from just $800 to more than $70,000 or more. The cost by a true expert runs from about $8700 to $25,000 with a few as high as $70,000, all for the same procedure and same results.

Cost At ICVR
We offer a fixed, no surprises, all-inclusive price package of $8700 for routine, first time reversal with no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

This is the same whether the reversal takes 2 or 3 to 4 hours and whether you need a vas-to-vas connection or the more complicated bypass, on one or both sides.

Your Reversal Here Includes:
Free sperm banking and first year of storage (saves you thousands)
No doctors-in-training are involved with care or surgery
-Each doctor limits himself to one reversal a day
-Both doctors cell phone numbers for direct access (no answering services) and
-Unlimited after-care at no additional cost, which is so critical for success. Sadly most doctors don’t even provide after care.

Find out the facts

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