Our Patients

Our happy patients say it best. Almost every day we receive letters like these from our patients from every state in the US and from around the world. We are especially proud of the kind letters from many doctors, nurses and hospital administrators that have done their research and have selected us for their vasectomy reversal.

Success Stories Patient Testimonials

Why We Chose ICVR

When I decided to move forward to get a vasectomy reversal my wife and I researched our options only to come up with the depressing, overly published statistic, "Your chance of reversal success drops considerably after five years following the vesectomy." Well, I was going on twelve. However, there was a place that stood out from all the others that seemed too good to be true, ICVR. That week we called and made our inital appointment and follow up call with Dr. Marks. Dr. Marks answered all our qustions with confident and a sense of humor that only a urologist could have. After talking with Dr. Marks, I knew that if we wanted to move forward, ICVR was our best chance at success and I felt fully confident that indeed my wife and I could expect a new baby shortly.

The Aftermath

The procedure went well. The post surgery pain was minor and all the parts still work great! I have had a couple of different procedures over the years and I must say that the level of personal service and attention to my needs was far superior to anything I had ever experienced. I was greeted at the door, introduced to everyone and was the only patient there to make sure my wife and I were well taken care of. This gave me a real peace when walking into the operating room. My wife was well informed throughout the whole process. Dr. Mark's gave me a personal visit while I was recovering at the hotel and ICVR has continued to check in and make sure all is going well.

If you are considering a vasectomy reversal, you will not be disappointed with ICVR.



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