What you can expect from the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

What You Can Expect at ICVR

Your safety, comfort and health are our first priority at ICVR.

We are dedicated to state-of-the-art microsurgery in a caring, supportive environment. Our decades of experience have helped us to understand that your choice to have a vasectomy reversal is a decision with emotional, financial as well as physical implications. You will find that at ICVR, we are here for you. in fact, Dr. marks is proud to tell his patients that "the reversal is really just the beginning of our relationship."

To achieve your best opportunity for success, you will experience the latest in specialized technology along with expertise that only comes from our many years of experience performing many thousands of microsurgical reversals, one every day. Our dedicated operating suite was designed, built and equipped for one purpose microsurgical reversals. In order to consistently maintain the highest level of sterility and preparedness, no one else uses our facility or equipment so it remains in it's pristine and sterile readiness until needed for the next vasectomy reversal.

Safety is key. Our entire operating suite is equipped with the newest and most sophisticated safety and monitoring equipment and supplies. The entire medical and nursing staff are all highly trained and certified in advanced cardiac life support. Not that we have ever had to use it, but we believe it is always better to be the best we can be. 

Everyone involved in our Reversal Center works with us because of their unique dedication to the field in which they work. All have given up jobs elsewhere to work with Doctors Marks and Burrows at the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal. We have one specialty, one purpose — successful vasectomy reversals. The work, though challenging and demanding, is incredibly rewarding because of the final outcome — the ability to give couples the chance at having children. We are excited to be able to "Make Men Dads Again."

Our Vasectomy Reversal Philosophy- only one reversal a day!

We are a full-time, single specialty, dedicated Center with one goal: to perform successful microsurgical vasectomy reversals. There are no surprises at ICVR. We realize that everything we do is about you and giving you a positive experience. Drs. Marks and Burrows do not secretly allow doctors-in-training or outside specialists to participate in your reversal, so we can guarantee that Dr. Marks or Burrows will perform your entire reversal from start to finish. Dr. Marks designed and built the Center around a state-of-the-art operating suite and adjacent recovery room, along with an adjoining full-time Andrology Laboratory and sperm bank, all designed and staffed for just one purpose - microsurgical vasectomy reversals. We constantly strive for total excellence of care - a level that only a dedicated and highly trained team can deliver.

Never happy to assume that what we did before is the good enough, we are always asking ourselves how can we be better and what can we do to achieve higher and higher success rates? It is because of this constant desire to excel and be the best, that we are able to achieve such high levels of success. We are not now, nor do we ever intend to be, a "factory" as are some other reversal clinics, doing as many reversals as can be done in a day. Rather, Drs. Marks and Burrows will each only schedule one vasectomy reversal a day. This way, they can take whatever time is needed for their patient and focus all of their attention on doing the very best microsurgical reversal possible, without the pressure of keeping a schedule for multiple procedures. Because of the demands and intensity of focus involved when performing a multi-hour microsurgical vasectomy reversal, Drs. Marks and Burrows feel that by limiting themselves to just one reversal procedure a day, they can give each patient their very best attention to detail and total commitment to achieving the very best results.

The doctors are not pressured to hurry up and finish your reversal, so that they can start another surgery. Nor do they believe that they can offer a second or third reversal that same day the intensity-of-focus and unwavering attention to detail as the first reversal. One reversal a day, consistent high-quality individualized care and steadfast focus is what Dr. Marks, Dr. Burrows and the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal are all about.

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