The mistake in using vasectomy reversal cost to choose your doctor

If you think about what it really means to chose a surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal, do you want the cheapest discount reversal? Having a vasectomy reversal is a major investment- far more than simply financial. You are investing in your future, your dreams, the opportunity to bring a child into the world. Isn't choosing your vasectomy reversal expert really about getting the best return on your investment with the absolute highest chances for success?

If you compare vasectomy reversal cost as your sole criteria for picking a vasectomy reversal doctor then it only makes sense you should compare only those doctors that offer the highest level of success and care. If you compare vasectomy reversal cost, then first compare quality and results. Despite what many would have you believe, doctors that perform vasectomy reversals are not the same and do not offer the same results.

Think about it - if your mother needed a hip replacement surgery, wouldn't you want the best? If your sister needed open heart surgery or your father needed chemotherapy, would you really even consider the discount heart surgeon or cut-rate chemotherapy doctor? Of course not.  Would you even think of going to a cut-rate discount plastic surgeon? In those areas, you realize that it is all about results. You wouldn't accept a poor result, yet that is exactly what you are getting if you choose your vasectomy reversal doctor based on cost. The fact that you are reading this means you understand that it really is all about results, and getting the most of what you are paying for. When it comes to your health and technically demanding surgery, you understand that expertise matters. This is especially true with microsurgical vasectomy reversals, one of the most technically challenging and demanding surgeries. Vasectomy reversal cost is important, but it should not be the primary reason to choose a doctor.

When it comes down to it, it is smart to compare. Once you have found the few doctors that truly offer the highest chances for vasectomy reversal success, then it is logical to look at vasectomy reversal cost, what services are really provided and lastly convenience.

International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, PC, Physicians & SurgeonsMedicalM.D., Tucson, AZ