No Hidden Charges

We encourage you to call ICVR so we can explain our fixed package price for all first-time vasectomy reversals that is all-inclusive of consultations and support before, during and after surgery. All surgery related facility fees, nursing, surgeon's fees, microsutures, sedation and medications--regardless of whether it is a vas-to-vas or vas-to-epididymal bypass--are included in our fixed package price. For those patients who have had a failed vasectomy reversal by another surgeon, we have a slightly higher fee due to the generally more complicated nature and longer time for a re-do or re-do, re-do vasectomy reversal. We do not believe in using gimmicky pricing, pretend discounts or money-back guarantees as a means of pulling in business. We genuinely feel that it is so inappropriate to "trick" potential patients to think they are getting something that they are not. 

The service, results and care others don't talk about

Vasectomy reversal costs encompass far more than the price of the surgery. When comparing vasectomy reversal costs, be certain to compare the services provided, the quality of care, the accessibility to your surgeons and their staff (especially after surgery) and the results and reputation of the Center. We are here to work with and support our patients for as long as they need us in order to achieve the best possible outcome after their surgery. Our administrative staff is always available and happy to discuss the financial aspects of the surgery with each patient personally. Ask us about our special packages.

The one promise we will make is this: we guarantee the absolute best medical and surgical experience available anywhere in the world today for the fairest price without compromising any aspect of the services. We will do everything in our power to give you the best technical and most professional medical care at a reasonable price that allows more and more couples the ability to afford a vasectomy reversal. We realize that with our vast experience and outstanding success, we could dramatically raise our total price to the level of so many others, up to $12,000 to $15,000 or more. But then, so many of our couples on limited or fixed incomes would not be able to share in the joys and excitement of parenthood. From the beginning, the doctors of ICVR have made a commitment to keep prices at a fair and reasonable level.

What to watch out for

It is important to know that the cost of the vasectomy reversal procedure has nothing to do with the experience or expertise of the surgeon. A urologist who may only perform one or two reversals a year may charge $25,000 or more, even though there is no way he or she can provide the same level of skill as one who performs three to five each week. On the other hand, there are some who offer low price "discount" reversals for just a few thousand dollars, sometimes often less than the cost to provide a state-of-the-art reversal. There are still urologists today throughout the United States and the world doing "quickie" reversals in an hour or less (it should take about 3 hours), some who are not using a high powered surgical microscope (a necessity to do it right), others that do not use microsurgical sutures or who use outdated techniques that allow for a quick procedure but do not allow for precise and accurate positioning of the vass. Yet these procedures are still considered "reversals" even though they have a far lower success rate than those here at the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal.

Unfortunately, we often see patients who have initially opted for the cheaper approach, incorrectly assuming that all reversals are equal. Many patients, who have undergone an inexpensive reversal to save a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, have ultimately had an unsuccessful result. How much money do you save if you have a vasectomy reversal by an inexperienced or cut-rate surgeon that doesn't work? A sign in a local print shop says, "If you compare price, please also compare quality." This summarizes this topic well. If you make logical and objective comparisons, we are confident you will decide, as so many others from throughout the United States and around the world have before you, to come to Tucson to have your vasectomy reversal at the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal.

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