Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate

Vasectomy reversal success rate is very important and perhaps one of the most critical variables to consider when looking for a top vasectomy reversal expert. Microsurgery is not something that any doctor can do occasionally and offer the highest level of success. Yet the majority of vasectomy reversals performed are not done by true experts.

Microsurgery skill. Your vasectomy reversal success rate depends directly on the skill and expertise of your microsurgeon. All top reversal experts, including those at ICVR, will tell you that the surgeon you choose will determine the chances for success. This is because the critical microsurgical skills are hard to perfect and difficult to maintain. So a doctor that performs an occasional reversal, even if he knows what to do, will simply not get the same vasectomy reversal success rate as a busy leading expert.  Having the right equipment, the top-of-the-line microsutures, the best surgical microscope and consistent, top surgical assist as we have at ICVR truly improves your chances for success in the right hands.

The secret. The secret that separates out the top vasectomy reversal experts from the pack is that not only have they perfected the critical scientific skills and knowledge but they have developed the rare talent that allows them that degree of finesse - the art of microsurgery.  This is what only those true masters have developed over years. At ICVR, Dr. Sheldon Marks and Dr. Peter Burrows have been blessed with one of the highest vasectomy reversal success rates in the world because of their dedication to the art and science of microsurgery.

Years of practice. These techniques cannot be taught in a book or video or picked up overnight. Just knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. I can read about flying a jet but actually being able to fly a jet takes years of training and thousands of hours of time. In order to achieve the highest level of vasectomy reversal success rates, our doctors have been doing this for decades. We perform vasectomy reversals every work day each week. ICVR has been performing reversals for more than 20 years, so you can be assured that this is not a recent idea.

Specialty practice. ICVR is not just a piece of a larger urology practice, which is so common today. ICVR is a full-time, single specialty practice dedicated to only one procedure - the best vasectomy reversal that can be performed.

Experience. It's just not about the decades offering the top vasectomy reversals. It is also about case load - how many reversals we perform. At ICVR Dr Marks and Dr. Burrows have performed more than 4,500 reversals. Yet another secret is that you don't want your doctor to be a factory, trying to cram many reversals into a day. That may be good for the doctor but is not in the best interest of the vasectomy reversal success rate. A red flag are those doctors that have no problem performing several reversals each day. There is just no way that your microsurgeon, if he is being honest with you and himself, can provide that same intensity of focus on a second case, nor can he give you his full and undivided attention if he has to worry about getting to a second case. 

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