Is a Vasectomy Reversal right for you

IVF vs Vasectomy Reversal

Couples often receive confusing advice regarding their best and most affordable options regarding vasectomy reversal.

This confusion stems from the uncertain nature of pregnancy with all reproductive techniques. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine published the results comparing the monetary cost per delivery for either in-vitro fertilization or vasectomy reversal. They concluded that vasectomy reversal costs 3 times less and has a 14% better delivery rate compared to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Therefore, when the female infertility factor is absent (ovulatory dysfunction, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, etc.), microsurgical vasectomy reversal should be offered as a first line treatment.

The success rates for return to fertility after a successful microsurgical vasectomy reversal depend upon often-unpredictable variables including semen fluid quality (thick or thin), presence and quality of sperm in the semen and location of the reversal (vas or epididymis). The rates of success quoted for vasectomy reversals only apply to experienced and dedicated microsurgeons. At ICVR, we see success up to 99%!

The surgical skill of the microsurgeon is equally as important to the ultimate success of a vasectomy reversal as the medical management of the patient before and after surgery. The International Center for Vasectomy Reversal is ethically committed to providing thorough patient education and support before, during and after the vasectomy reversal. There are many things our surgeons can do to maximize our patients' recovery and return to fertility after the surgery. Dr. Marks has committed his and his staff's time and resources to coordinating care with other doctors, including the Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Reproductive Endocrinologist and any other doctor involved.

Why We Chose ICVR

Vasectomy Reversal vs. IVF

Even in 2011, many couples may receive confusing and sadly often incorrect advice and information regarding their best and most affordable options regarding future fertility after vasectomy.

There are still some doctors that try to steer patients to more costly and profitable IVF by providing misinformation about vasectomy reversals. We hear weekly of patients who were told by their doctors that reversals have a poor track record with low success (false), they are painful (false) or antibodies block success (false). There is no doubt that IVF has it's role for many couples, but it was and never has been designed to be the first line step for couples wishing a safe and cost-effective return of fertility after vasectomy.

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