Pain After Vasectomy

Pain after vasectomy, commonly called Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS), is a devastating, severe, long-lasting syndrome of unexpected pain that persists after your vasectomy. Though rare, it definitely does occur and can be life destroying in the pain's severity and duration, often interfering with your work, your relationships and even sex.

Here at ICVR, we frequently treat and eliminate the pain by removing the obstruction through a microsurgical vasectomy reversal. A vasectomy reversal has been proven, at our reversal only center and in the literature, to be an effective treatment for pain after vasectomy. In fact, we perform a reversal almost every week specifically for management of post vasectomy pain - usually with great results and happy patients.

What makes this pain even worse is that most doctors and especially urologists are unaware that this pain after vasectomy actually exists and is treatable. When talking to patients every week, we hear time and time again where their doctor told then to "be a man and just live with it" or "take some Tylenol." Even worse, many men are told by their urologist the pain is not real and is in their heads, and they should see a psychiatrist.

Because Drs. Marks and Burrows perform vasectomy reversals on men with pain after vasectomy so often, we are well aware of the options available. For most, these include:

  1. Time and anti-inflammation medications
  2. Medications such as Lyrica to reduce the pain or testosterone replacement
  3. Injection of numbing anesthetic into the cord - spermatic cord blocks
  4. Nerve stripping
  5. Neurolysis
  6. Partial or complete removal of the epididymis
  7. Removal of the testicle
  8. Microsurgical vasectomy reversal - the only restorative, reconstructive treatment

In our hands, with more than 25 years in practice and many thousands of vasectomy reversals under our belt from men from every state in the US and more than 68 countries around the world, we can offer world class unsurpassed success for men with post vasectomy pain - dramatic reduction or total resolution of the pain! In subsequent articles we will go into more detail on the causes, diagnosis and pros and cons of each of the treatment options.

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