Choosing your Vasectomy Reversal Doctor from a Webpage

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeon from their websites in today's internet based world is a challenge to say the least. I know that when I look at other doctor's websites several points become clear. As a vasectomy reversal expert, performing reversals for more than 2 decades with thousands under my belt and giving lectures on vasectomy reversals to doctors from around the world, I know who are the real vasectomy reversal experts and who are not. So my years and experience performing vasectomy reversals gives me unique insight and credibility to make the following observations and comments.

  1. It is obvious that absolutely anyone can pay a few thousand dollars and have an impressive, well written, well designed website. This slick marketing piece is easily copied from the sites of real experts. I can tell you that if I didn't know who were the real experts and the fake experts, I would have a hard time telling them apart.
  2. It seems that today pretty much anyone can declare themselves to be an expert and following the rule of the internet, "it is not what you really are but rather what you appear to be." I know that many of the self proclaimed experts are in reality not experts at all. In fact, many have done absolutely nothing except just declaring themselves to be an expert. Some are not even specialists with training in male fertility, anatomy and physiology- critical areas any reversal doctor needs to know more than just how to sew the vas together.
  3. Be wary of testimonials- anyone can say anything. I know first hand of a self proclaimed expert that made up the patient quotes and testimonials, declaring that this fake expert was "the best reversal doctor ever."
  4. Realize that because this field is not overseen and regulated by insurance or government agencies, many pretend experts can and do make false claims of high success, numbers and expertise without ever having to prove anything. Lies and distortions are common. And there are no consequences with their lies.
  5. Many of the fake self-declared experts are really not skilled, trained or even knowledgeable about how to correctly perform vasectomy reversals. I regularly perform many redo reversals and see what these self-declared experts claim to do and the reality of what they really do. I can tell you it rarely is the state-of-the-art microsurgical vasectomy reversal they brag about doing on their website. Simply knowing what to do and then being able to do it with world-class results are two different things. In my practice, I can say it has taken decades to reach that level of skill and expertise that many of these false experts claim to have with almost no experience or training.

In summary, when looking at websites as you try to decide which doctor you want to go to for your vasectomy reversal, read between the lines, ask the tough questions, and be skeptical. I suggest you ask how many years they have been performing reversals, where and when did they complete their urology residency, are they board certified in urology, are they certified in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) just in case of a problem, how many reversals do they do a week, how many do they do a day (should be no more than one a day), and more. Check out these and other "questions to ask" web page for a complete list of suggested questions and answers you want to hear and answers that suggest the doctor may not be the expert or specialist he or she claims to be.

International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, PC, Physicians & SurgeonsMedicalM.D., Tucson, AZ