Low Cost Vasectomy Reversals

"Low cost" or discount vasectomy reversals continue to receive much attention on line, in chat rooms and are heavily promoted on websites. But what does "low cost vasectomy reversal" really mean? Are you really getting the same chances for a successful reversal if you opt for a low cost discounted vasectomy reversal? Chances are no. There are standard fixed costs that cannot be avoided to do a correctly performed microsurgical vasectomy reversal. There is a cost to a doctor that has cut corners- lower success, more risks and less care.

How can they save money? So then just where are corners being cut to be able to offer these low cost vasectomy reversals? I really don’t know, but have some ideas, and it is not good news for the patients of these low cost discounted vasectomy reversal centers. At our own ICVR, our exclusive full-time vasectomy reversal practice, Dr. Burrows and I (Dr. Marks) regularly review everything we do, what we use and how we do it to find ways of controlling costs. But the theme is always, "we will do nothing that will potentially reduce our patient's success, comfort or safety". Sadly, many others do not feel the same way.  You still pay, just not in dollars out of pocket.

Regular assessment. On a regular basis we evaluate less expensive micro-sutures and look at less expensive micro-instruments. Yet time after time we at ICVR have come to the same conclusion - we are not willing to cut corners to be able to offer low cost vasectomy reversals if it means lower quality, safety and success for our reversal patients.

Beware the hidden message. What they really are saying is that they have decided to cut corners to be busy at your expense- that their low cost vasectomy reversal means for them their profit is their priority. Sure they can claim they care and have lots of testimonials. Even a bumbling fool who does an occasional vasectomy reversal will still get some pregnancies. So in the end you may have paid less money but your costs are so much higher - not having the children you dream of, not having the family you desire.

All of these cutting corners to be able to offer a low cost discounted vasectomy reversal add up to more uncomfortable, often painful experience with higher risks, lower success and in the end less chances that you will have your dream of having a child- so then how much have you really saved?

International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, PC, Physicians & SurgeonsMedicalM.D., Tucson, AZ