Discount Vasectomy Reversal Doctors

As one patient wrote us, “why we went to that cheap reversal doctor I’ll never know. What a disaster.” This sums up many patient experiences with discount cut-rate vasectomy reversal doctors. It is important to realize that anyone can claim to be an expert, pay for an expensive website and start doing surgeries. But that does not mean they are an expert. Your chances for success are lower and risks are higher.

There are many ways a less-than-ethical doctor can cut corners to offer low cost discount vasectomy reversals. You should ask yourself, “If the cost is dramatically less than all the real experts, does this sound too good to be true?” Chances are the answer is yes. If someone offers to sell you a $10,000 Rolex watch for $75, do you really believe you are getting a real Rolex? Of course not. What would you think if I offered you a brand new Lexus for $5000? Even if it looked like a Lexus you’d wonder what was wrong with it. Yet when someone reinvents himself as a reversal expert out of the blue and claims to be able to offer a $9000 technically demanding surgery that takes years of training for less than two thousand dollars, people falsely assume they are getting the exact same surgery as they would from a real expert.

The key concept is that these cut-rate doctors really do not want you to know what they are doing to make the reversal more “affordable”. The primary sales trick for these discount vasectomy reversal doctors is to convince potential patients to believe they offer the same quality, safety, comfort and success as the true experts, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can say anything on their website, and sadly many fall for these claims.

Money is an issue, to say otherwise would be foolish. No one should ever be tricked to think they are getting a top of the line reversal when in reality they are getting a lower result, higher risk, quickie, cut–rate vasectomy reversal. Another patient recently said ”I strongly urge anyone considering a reversal
to do your research and don’t be a victim and fall for the false claims of these wannabes

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