Success Stories


Dr. Marks,

What seems like only yesterday (February 14, 2007, which by the way was a great way to spend our Valentines Day!) Rick was in your steady hands getting his reversal done, and less than a year later we were giving birth to our baby girl! It goes without saying none of the joy we are experiencing could have came true without your care. We can't find the words to thank you enough for making our dreams of having a child together a reality. Your great attitude, expertise and excitement for what you do made the entire experience something we will never forget. We look forward to the annual Dad's picnic so we can have our little girl meet the man who helped make her Daddy, a Daddy again.

YOU are THE MAN, than you so very much!


With Much Love, Thanks and God's Blessings,

- Rick, Carolyn and Trinity



I can not describe to you the emotions that we have experienced these last few days. Kelly's water broke Saturday at about 7:10 pm as Nathan, Nicholas, Kelly and I were driving to go have pizza at a nearby Restaurant. The look on Kelly's face was priceless and she new exactly what was happening. We picked up the pizza to go and brought it home and ate while Kelly changed clothes and grabbed a towel so we could travel to the hospital. She started contractions about 9 or so and really developed good contractions around 11 pm. She received and epidural at that time, however it didn't take which I guess happens from time to time so she delivered Gavin without the comfort of modern medicine. He arrived at 3:21 am and the whole room cried when Kelly final held our son.


When we arrived at the hospital I dropped Kelly off at the entrance and continued to park the vehicle. When I walked into the birthing unit I discovered she was in the same room where we delivered and lost Tyler. I was in a panic walking into the room unsure how Kelly and I would react, however discovered Kelly lying on the bed all smiles and not aware of my concerns. I knew she didn't remember much of the delivery of Tyler because she was so sick, but didn't realize she also didn't remember the room either. She was completely fine with it all and believe it or not this delivery changed the memories of that room for me so I wouldn't have had it any other way.


Kelly has been waiting all of her adult life to be a mother to her children and it brings nothing but joy to my heart to watch her be the loving mother I knew she was waiting to be. Nathan was 7 and Nicholas was 5 when Kelly and I met and she is wonderful to them, however she had never had the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Gavin and our future children don't stand a chance and will be spoiled rotten as they will continue to bring love, hope, and happiness into our families lives.


Many, many, many thanks to all of our extended family at ICVR for helping us chase and ultimately realize our dreams. I know that God has been carrying us along and helping us make some key decisions but I also know that he needs a little help from great people down here too. Or does he give some people gifts so they can then do his work? I'm not sure but when you figure that one out I want a phone call because what a wonderful conversation that will be. Please continue to help others because even though you speak to your patients, hear their pain, and carry them when they need help I don't believe you can fully grasp the happiness that is achieved when everything falls into place and the best gift in the world has been given. Gavin has proven that for us.


This is not the end for us or our relationship with some of the best care givers in the world. We have been watching our counts and have a bank as a back up plan so with further blessings you will continue to get pictures of more babies. I recognize that in the fine print of our contract that it says Wools must hold all of our babies and we will do what we can to honor that. Beside, it would be so nice to see everyone under better circumstances!

Please remember us when you invite your patients to the annual party.


I hope everyone at ICVR is as happy and healthy as our family in Illinois.

May God continue to bless you.


- Rich, Clifton, IL





Hello everybody!


I have been telling everybody about you guys and I still even wear the Shirts you gave us on the way home. Let's just say I'm so proud and happy that we made this decision to come down to you. Well it was December 2005 and in March 2006 i was already pregnant with Aiyana. She was a little premature (6 weeks early) but had no big problems at all. She even was 5 pounds *lol* They had to do a C-Section because the placenta separated but thank God everything went ok. The Twins are doing good so far. Growing and kicking already alot :-) I guess this will be our last ones. 3 is more then enough :-)

It looks like it was really meant to be for us to have children. Even with the Twins it worked the first time. *lol* All I can say without you guys we probably would still sit here and wait for biggest dream to come true.



Thanks again and God bless you all.

- James, Kathi and Aiyana

US Army





I would like you to met Joseph Ali, son of William and Shama!

Joseph was born on 27th of November , 2007, he weighed 9lbs and 4oz and was 20 and half inches long.



We are very happy and we are very thankful to you and the doctors there in AZ.

I am now in Sudan working with the UN and Shama is at home with Joseph. Both of them are doing well and I keep in contact while in Sudan.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas !!



Oxford, NC





Hello and happy holidays, sorry that it has taken me this long to send a picture of Grant, its been quite a change around here to say the least.


Everyone is doing wonderful, Mommy is doing great, Grant is growing like a weed, and adapting to life in the fast lane............ha ha.


We would just like to say thank you again, for the wonderful care and hospitality that you showed us in the week that we were there. I have told everyone what a wonderful experience that you and the staff made for teresa and I.

Dr. Mark said that she would be pregnant in or before 6 months and he was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Again thank you for making me a dad again.



- Jerry, Teresa, and Grant





Dear Dr. Marks, and ICVR Staff,


Recently I've been thinking about our stay in Tucson and our visit with you for my husband Ben's procedure. Having a family and being a mother is priceless and has brought us even closer in our marriage. My daughter is just amazing and we are going to be working on having another little one in the near future.


I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and the success of our surgery! Here are a few recent pictures. Happy Holidays!


Best regards,

- Ben & Amber , Portland, OR





It seems like it has been a very long time since Deanna and I were in Arizona for the reversal procedure, and now I can share with you that we now have a beautiful baby boy (John Paul) in our household. Deanna was to have a planned C-section on the 18th of December which would have been two weeks early, but John didn't want to wait that long and he was born on December 4th. John Paul was born on December 4th at 11:24 p.m. He weighed 5lbs 15 oz and was 19 inches long. At his 4 week check up he weighed in at 8lbs 8oz. He is a growing boy! Deanna and I want to again thank you, Dr. Burrows, and all that were involved at the center that made this little miracle possible. Hope you enjoy the pictures.



-Tod and Deanna, WI





Just wanted to let everyone know that we went for our Ultrasound this afternoon and found out that we are having a boy!!! Sean Edward Allen looks good and will join his three sisters the week of April 27th. We are so very excited. When the tech first told us it was a boy I was a little nervous about having a little Eddie running around, but am now looking forward to the adventure. We will keep everyone updated.


- Eddie & Erin, AZ



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