Patient Testimonials

Our happy patients say it best. Almost every day we receive letters like these from our patients from every state in the US and from around the world. We are especially proud of the kind letters from many doctors, nurses and hospital administrators that have done their research and have selected us for their reversal. To ensure privacy for our patients, we have changed the names but kept the hometowns the same. Read and enjoy.


"After a long flight from the Caribbean, my husband and I arrived in Tucson not knowing what to expect. When we in at the Marriott, there was a lovely gift bag with a not waiting for us from the International Center for Vasectomy reversal. This gesture was greatly appreciated since it made us feel welcomed in this unfamiliar territory of the United States.

On the morning of the operation, we were warmly greeted by the staff of the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal at 6am and fully briefed on what would be taking place in the next couple of hours. We were also provided with a comprehensive package of things to do post-surgery. While my husband was in surgery, I was placed in a comfortable room and given regular updates which helped with my nervousness and allowed me the opportunity to see slides of what was actually taking place.

Dr. Marks visited us at the hotel the following morning to make sure that everything was fine and gave us the assurance that we have a 99% chance of conceiving. For me, it was excellent news and I cannot wait to see it come to fruition.

I would like to thank Dr. Marks and his team for their high degree of professionalism and courtesy that was extended to my husband and I during our stay in Tucson and would recommend him to anyone contemplating a reversal in the near future.

Hopeful Couple from the Caribbean"


I would like to take this opportunity to write to you to express my thanks and delight in regard to my recent visit to the ICVR clinic in Tucson, AZ. My partner and I decided that we would like a child to take our relationship to a higher level. The background is that we are both in a second relationship. She has a daughter, and I have two sons, both married with children, from the previous relationships.


I am in my early sixties and had undertaken a vasectomy some thirty years ago, in Ireland where I reside. In different circumstances I have tried, twice, for a vasectomy reversal. The first in Ireland, but, truth it was not well performed, and I made a second attempt in the mid-nineties, in New England, USA. This was a difficult vaso-vasectomy, given the previous procedures, and was unsuccessful.


We both researched the subject thoroughly with a view to considering some form of sperm retrieval and IVF combination. The initial research covered local clinics in Ireland, UK, Netherlands, and Belgium, where there appeared to be significant successes in IVF and ICSI treatments for women, but not as convincing for male fertility.


Our research in the USA led us to a few promising clinics and we accordingly requested further information. The immediate response from the ICVR was impressive and comprehensive. It promoted me to call them, as recommended. I was fortunate in my timing to talk to yourself, Dr. Marks, in that you listened carefully to the background and reassured me confidently, that in your experience I would still most probably have viable sperm; a statement which has proven accurate, through the procedure.


This open and frank discussion, with the depth of understanding convinced my partner and me to proceed, and I have been impressed at every stage since that point:


• The thoroughness of the preparation and information phase

• The support in travel, accommodation, reception and transit around Tucson

• The genuine friendliness of all the staff even surpasses their professionalism

• The facilities were excellent, modern, well-equipped and hygienic

• The procedure was informative as progress was made, with photographic records supplied

• Care was also taken to reassure my partner as to the success of the procedure

• Good judgment was exercised in the appropriateness of the procedure i.e. vaso-vasectomy repair on the left-side , and vaso-epididymostomy on the damaged right-side

• The aftercare was superb, nothing was too much trouble, again genuinely helpful, and visits to the hotel to check on my recovery progress

• And a promise to keep in touch, which I have every confidence will be honored


Now our hope is that, in the near future, we will be able to send a happy picture of a family with a beautiful baby to add to the impressive gallery of successes around the wall of the International Center For Vasectomy Reversal clinic - Making Men Dads Again

Thank you, again!



Thank you so much for the wonderful care and support you gave us during our stay in Arizona. From our first contact with you, we knew we made the right choice with ICVR. We really did feel like we were visiting with old friends. We are grateful for all you did for us and we will be sure to keep you posted on out progress. You have a way of touching other's lives with your thoughtfulness.


My greatest thanks to all of you for helping me out today when I wrecked up my scooter. You are all wonderful people with very good hearts. I will always cherish your acts of humanity and kindness. With Gods eternal blessing my best regards.



To all the "Reversal Team" at ICVR,

I am thanking God for all of you and for the very friendly and professional attitude with which all do your work! Your concern and care for me from the very beginning- from the very first time I contacted your office six months ago- and to the present, as I recover from the surgery- has been a shining example of excellence and professionalism.


You might be interested to hear the story of how we cam to this decision and specifically to your center. In 11-92, after we had our second child, we rather hastily decided that two would be enough, and I had my operation. Over the years since, we often regretted that decision, but had heard that a reversal was extremely expensive, somewhat risky, and often unsuccessful. We began to pursue adoption about a year ago but it did not work out.

For the post eight years we lived in Russia, serving there as missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ, training Russian pastors to love their churches by shepherding them with the word of God. Last year we invited an exceptional pastor from the states- Paul Tautges- to come and teach on the family and what God's word says about children. He took us through the many passages that teach us that children are a blessing from the Lord (see for example the great Psalm of Solomon, Psalm 127!). Paul warned us not to be hasty in decisions about having children and said he knew of a missionary couple who had decided long ago not to have any more children, and greatly regretted it. When Paul finished, I shared with him how we too had made a hasty decision. He said, "I went down that road!" I said, "How far?" He said, "All the way. I too had an operation." I said, "But you just had a baby! Did you have it reversed?" He then told me the story about how he found your clinic ICVR, and how you had helped him and made him a dad again - all by God's grace and to God's glory. That evening back in fall of last year I took my wife to dinner to talk over these things and pray about whether this might be of the lord.


We then took counsel with many godly people in our lives- so as not to repeat the hasty decision. Everyone with exception - our missionary teammates, our pastor, our close friends and fellow workers - all said "This would be wonderful. You should go for it." God has graciously provided the means and we trust that this is all pleasing to him. And you all are his instruments!


So again, I want to thank you all for your kindness and your professional care. And perhaps you will do this kindness- to pray to the God of heaven that, should it please him, he might grant us more children, that he would make me a dad again in this timing and for his purpose. To him is all the glory, as he is the one who gives us our breath, our life, our skills, and all.



Thank you for taking the time and patience with me on the phone today, about my husband's semen analysis! You managed to calm my nerves and encourage me to "keep my chin up." Please tell everyone hello and keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll be keeping you posted.



P.S. If we ever move to Arizona I'd love to work with your company as I am so impressed with the professionalism and customer service! Keep it up! If you all ever need a reference...




Thank you all so very much. We wish all doctors, nurses and hospitals are like you- it's so hard to see this professional level now a days. Thank you!



I thought the care and service etc was incredible bearing in mind privacy issues if patients are staying in the same hotels together, especially traveling alone...



We are so grateful that we had this experience at ICVR. We've been treated like family since before the surgery and are still welcomed with all our crazy questions! All the staff at ICVR were so friendly and warm, we felt like "old friend" right away. Dr. Sheldon, you are great, we still can't believe you came to our hotel to see Ruben and then bought us breakfast! Wools, your so patient with us and thank you so much for calling us back every time we have questions. We'll let you know when we are expecting. Also the girls who took care of my kids while Ruben & I were talking with the nurse...



Dear Dr. Marks & Staff,


We can't thank you enough for making our experience a great one at your center.

We got married on Feb 14 this year in Kauai and now it is time to start working on a family thanks to you all!



Dr. Marks and Staff,


I just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that all is well in the Lucas home. We made the trip to San Diego and then back to Indiana, although both made me a little sore it all went off without a hitch.


Also, I wanted to let all of you now how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you. The whole team made the experience more than pleasurable, from the moment we walked through the door. Even the Sudan service that picked us up from the airport had nothing but good comments about the whole team.


This was the first time that I walked into a doctor's office and was immediately put at ease, the atmosphere in the office was sincere, caring and the best of all, humorous. Every person that we meet in the office was upbeat and all had a very positive attitude.


We will keep everyone informed and will definitely send wedding pictures. Again, a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Marks and his OUTSTANDING STAFF for making this important decision/surgery for us go so smoothly.


So again THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Keep up the great job.



Dr. Marks & ICVR:


Thank you so much for sending me the Dr. Seuss book! I love for mommy or daddy to read to me, and I love sitting alone and looking at the pictures. I wish you weren't so far away so you could see me and see how proud mommy & daddy are of me. J


Love, Max

Sparta, TN



Hello Dr. Burrows, Dr. Marks and everyone else,


Here is the birth announcement for our new little one. He is the best thing ever and of course we have you to thank for him. Thank you so much for creating this perfect little miracle. We couldn't be any happier!



We'll try to remember to send more pictures as he gets bigger and we will let you know when #2 comes along!


Daniele & Vito

Gap, PA



Dr. Peter Burrows and the staff of ICVR


We wanted to thank you for being amazing and making our dreams come true. We are expecting our little girl in June thanks to you all! Deciding to have our VR at ICVR was the best decision we could have made, besides it being a complete success, your entire staff really made the entire experience personal.


Thank you so much...

Nathan and Lana

Raleigh, NC


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