BabyCenter is a frequent source of patients that come to Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows for their vasectomy reversal at ICVR, the leading full-time, reversal only Center.  These men and women do their research, ask the tough questions and like so many thousands of patients before them, understand that they don't have to settle for "good" when they can have the best.  They realize from talking to so many other BabyCenter members that it's worth the time and effort to come to ICVR for the absolute best chances for success. When investing in your future family, discount quickie reversals or those by false experts does not make sense.

What is so nice about BabyCenter is the support and feedback from so many past ICVR reversal patients. Of course, there are many good doctors that perform vasectomy reversals. With these doctors you will have a good chance for success. However, if you understand the subtle differences and understand what the BabyCenter members are saying, we are confident that after you do your research you'll see why it's the smart decision to have your vasectomy reversal with Dr. Marks or Dr. Burrows. Our entire staff is dedicated to one purpose, one goal - giving every patient the absolute best vasectomy reversal possible.

Patients referred by other BabyCenter members tell us that we were highly recommended, and considered by most to be one of the top vasectomy reversal programs in the world. We are considered one of the best because of our proven 99.5 % success, the fact that we actually teach and write the courses on vasectomy reversal to doctors from around the world, and that we truly care about our patients with unequaled care before and after, for life.  And though each doctor limits himself to just one reversal a day, every day, we are trusted by so many BabyCenter referred patients as one of the top Centers of Excellence. With almost 6000 patients over several decades, and the highest success in the world, doesn't it make sense to join our growing family of fathers, here at ICVR where "We are Making Men Dads AgainTM"

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