Are You Local?

This is a common question, as couples from around the US and internationally try to narrow down their selection of a microsurgical vasectomy reversal doctor. Of course if all factors are equal, then the convenience of having your doctor in your hometown makes sense. But for most couples throughout the US and internationally, this is just not the case. The key concept is all factors being "equal". When it comes down to the bottom line, which is really what you want, isn't it about experience and results? You are choosing to have a microsurgical vasectomy reversal not just to have a surgery, but to restore fertility so you can have you future family. We are not removing a gall bladder or fixing a broken bone. For all of us at ICVR, we are all about the outcome - your dream of having children together.

Despite what many would have you believe, simply knowing what to do or even having completed a fellowship does not give you the fine-tuned and perfected microsurgical skills, the 25 years of experience or unsurpassed world-class success rates that we offer here at ICVR.

For more than 25 years, men and women just like you, have done their research, considered all options and have decided that coming to Tucson, though an inconvenience, is definitely worth the mild nuisance. Men have traveled more than 24 hours, from as far away as China, Australia, South Africa, the U.K., India and Russia to have their vasectomy reversal performed by Drs. Marks and Burrows. After all, is your momentary convenience really more important than whether or not your reversal works?

When investing in your family's future, we think that you will agree that this is not the time to worry about the brief nuisance of travel. Like many thousands of patients before you, we think you will agree that if you do your homework and compare, you too will decide that ICVR is your best location for your vasectomy reversal, whether you live just down the street or thousands of miles away.

Give us a minute to talk to you about vasectomy reversal success and your future happy family.  Contact us today, don't wait.


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