Vasectomy Reversal Costs

Vasectomy Reversal Costs

Vasectomy Reversal costs are a common concern for patients considering this option. Contact us to talk about our rates.

At the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows offer a fixed, "all-inclusive price" package so that there are no hidden costs, unexpected fees or any surprises. This includes the surgeon's fee as well as all other costs of the reversal. Even with this relatively low price, we have always insisted on the highest quality of our professional staff, surgical instruments, or the full-spectrum of services we provide for our patients before, during and most importantly after surgery. It is important that we maintain our commitment to providing our services at a fair price that will allow most people who desire a vasectomy reversal to choose this option. Rather than look at the fee as "costs," it makes more sense to consider this as an investment in your future family. With this, you will realize that with ICVR you get your highest return on your investment. Cutting corners to find a cheaper doctor often means less success and more problems during and after your reversal.

Unexpected surprise bills are common

We hear about horror stories from patients who had their care by another reversal doctor. These men are often told the facility fee would be only about $2,000, only to receive a bill after the vasectomy reversal for over $12,000! There are also some doctors who surprise their patients with the news that additional or more complex surgery was performed and the patients must now pay an additional hundreds to many thousands of dollars. I have seen material from some experts that describe what seems to be a fair price. It is only later that you find out that this is only the surgeons' fee and that the price is almost doubled with a facility charge and other charges. There are other centers that quote low prices, then surprise you later when they charge you for post-operative calls or advice. Worse yet, many doctors won't even talk with you afterwards, suggesting you find a local doctor to handle any questions. It only takes a few dollars to create an impressive website and make all kinds of claims, only to make you believe that they offer the same success and care as the top experts.

Secrets of the discount reversal doctors

Many doctors who are not even trained in urology or vasectomy reversals as well as many general urologists are now claiming "out-of-the-blue" in impressive websites to be vasectomy reversal experts. Not only is this not true but they then offer to do reversals at a heavily discounted price. The secret is that they want you to think that all doctors that do reversals are equal when this couldn't be farther from the truth. Just knowing what to do or wanting to do well does not make you an expert nor does it mean you can do the surgery with the same skill and expertise as a true expert with decades and thousands of reversals under his belt. So when you see extreme discounts, low costs and special gimmicks your instinct should be to look elsewhere!  

Find out the facts first-hand

Call and talk with Dr. Sheldon Marks or Dr. Peter Burrows to find out what makes ICVR so special and why so many thousands of men have traveled here from every state in the US and from more than 68 countries around the world for their vasectomy reversal. During your conversation we will ask a few questions and be able to explain what we charge and all that the fee includes. We are sure that you will also see, like so many others in our Dads Again family, that ICVR is indeed a world class specialty center offering you the highest chances for success!

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