Dads to Be after a vasectomy reversal

Dads to Be

Okay, let's get right down to the main questions men have. Will it work, will it hurt, and how soon can I resume sex and get back to work and play?

As we discuss elsewhere, not all vasectomy reversal doctors and centers are created equal. Sure there are some great technical surgeons but they may be in an office where you only get an automated message when you call or a resident in training or worse yet, there may be no service at all "after the sale". Or they may be very nice and warm, caring people but the surgeon is technically less than adequate. At ICVR, you get the entire package of top-notch care, safety, comfort and world-class proven expertise - a level of skill that has been proven to provide the highest levels of success. Ultimately, isn't having a successful vasectomy reversal what this is all about?

Let's address each of your concerns individually.


Yes, the reversal will work for the vast majority of men. In fact, up to 96 % at ICVR. And it is not just our opinion. We recently reviewed several thousand of our patient records to look at our success rates. Specifically, we wanted to know how our rates compared to others in the world. We believed, as others still do, that the longer you wait from vasectomy to reversal the lower your chances for success. For some men over a long time, the pressure after vasectomy within the closed system will build up and could cause a leak of fluid within the delicate epididymal tubules, causing blockage and scarring at that point. Our findings surprised us — so much that we submitted our results for presentation at a international meeting of male fertility experts. Here is what we found-the number of years from your vasectomy to reversal has absolutely no impact on success! It does not matter whatever technique we do — vas to vas or vas to epididymis, your chances of success at ICVR are the highest in the world- up to 96% successful. Yes, this totally challenges what we all believed for so many years. But why do we get such high success rates? We think we know the two reasons why we achieve such high rates of success.

First, it comes down to experience and volume. Because of our 20 plus years doing just reversals each and every day, with the help of our skilled andrologist, we are able to correctly interpret the fluid we find at the end of the vas. We don't just look at the color, consistency and volume of the fluid as sol many do. We also use our andrologist to look at what is present in the fluid — anywhere from whole sperm, swimming sperm, sperm with partial tails, sperm heads only to just debris. Knowing how to "read" the findings intra-operatively translates quite simply into knowing what specific vasectomy reversal technique will provide you the best chances for success. So many others are only able to do one procedure, and that is what their patients get, even if it is not the right procedure for an individual. Even if they do it well, there are going to be many instances where it is not the correct technique for that side. But knowing whether to do a vas-to-vas repair vs. a vas-to-epididymal bypass, and what type is best, makes all the difference. That is where Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows excel.

Second, our doctors have mastered the skill and expertise for each of the various techniques that you may need. Having perfected these procedures provides the final aspect of our world-class results. Just knowing what to do is not good enough. In fact, many self-declared vasectomy reversal "experts" won't even try some of the more challenging techniques. Because we have such a high volume of men 20 plus years and out from their vasectomy, and because we perform so many redos on failed reversals from elsewhere, our experience is vast and varied. Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows have perfected and maintain all the needed microsurgical skills to do whatever technique will provide you the best chances for vasectomy reversal success.

Will it hurt?

No. In fact, most men tell us that the reversal was a lot more comfortable during and after than the vasectomy itself. The doctors are no longer surprised when they go by the hotels to check on our patients after surgery to hear that the patient is feeling great, pain-free and did not take even a single pain pill. Because of the precise techniques we use, our biggest problem is that most men feel so good that they want to get back to heavy work or exercise too quickly. Here is why your reversal at ICVR is essentially pain free. A key point is that we are not in a hurry. You are the only reversal Dr. Marks or Dr. Burrows has that day. They are not rushed to get to the next reversal nor are they fatigued from an earlier case. Because of this, they can take the time needed to be precise and methodical. We start off with plenty of sedation to keep you happy and comfortable, to a point where most men doze off and are so relaxed that they sleep peacefully. Then we use plenty of long-acting local anesthetic, instilled gently into surrounding tissues, so effectively you are asleep and numb before we even start. Then, being able to perform the reversal with precision reduces injury to adjacent tissues, and so there is less swelling and discomfort. All this combines to result in a state-of-the-art reversal with essentially no pain. This is even more amazing when we talk to our upcoming redo reversals and hear the stories about their reversal experiences elsewhere.

How soon can I get back to work, sex and activities?

Because your vasectomy reversal recovery is usually so uneventful and smooth, most men can resume normal activities within days to a week or two, and can become sexually active again between 14 and 21 days (depending on the technique of reversal used). Each patient receives customized care and instructions. If you are involved in activities that are especially strenuous, we may ask that you take up to a full two weeks off. We advise you on how you can accelerate your recovery and at the same time, tell you what activities are likely to make you uncomfortable and so should be avoided. The good news is that in order to keep the newly reconstructed vas open, regular and frequent ejaculations are important after your reversal. And yes, we put this in writing for your wife.

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