Affordable Payment Options for Your Vasectomy Reversal

Here at ICVR, to help you make your reversal a reality, we offer a number of payment options to include in-house, no interest payment plans so we can give you the absolute highest chances for success with a state-of-the-art reversal at an affordable price. We will not cut corners with a discount “quickie” reversal with lesser care, cheaper materials and poorer results just to drop the price.

To do this we have a number of different options that you can choose from.

  1. We work with various financial institutions with programs to loan money for healthcare costs. We can suggest a few that we have worked with over many years.
  2. We know that many couples do not qualify and so we offer an in-house, no-interest payment arrangement.

How does this payment plan work?

To get the details specific to you, please call and talk with Dawn or Denelle, our Senior Patient Care Coordinators. In general, to cover the costs of the staff and supplies, we ask that you put half down, and then arrange to pay off the balance over time. We do not charge any interest but we do add a minimal handling fee every month to cover costs of the additional administrative time to collect and process the payments. Of course, there are no penalties or fees for early or higher payments. Unlike a bank or finance company, we are not offering this to make money off of you. This is solely a gesture of good will to help our patients get the very best reversal here so that they can achieve their dream of having children after vasectomy.

If you have any questions or are ready to move forward, please call the office at 888-722-2929 or email us at info@dadsagain and our professional staff can explain the specifics and answer any questions.