Vasectomy Reversal Costs

Vasectomy reversal costs are quite variable, and in the US can run from about $800 to more than $65,000. If you are seeing a true top expert, what a doctor charges has little to do with your chances for success . Contact us to talk about our rates.

We offer a fixed, no surprises, “all-inclusive price” package of $8700 for routine, first time reversal so that there are no hidden costs or bills later on for unexpected or unbundled fees.

What is included?

This includes the surgeon’s fee as well as all other costs of the reversal. Whether the reversal takes 2 or 4 hours, or whether of not we need to perform a vas-to-vas or more challenging epididymal bypass, you do not have to worry about paying more. There are no hidden fees for the facility, the microscope, the medications or the microsutures. And if we can, we can freeze sperm for you which will save you anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000. Plus, with no additional charges for long-term after care, you can be confident that what you pay is what you pay with no surprises later on.

Why not just go with the cheapest?

Your cost is really more of an investment in your future family. As each doctor offers different success rates and care, the discount cheaper doctors often cut corners in ways you wouldn’t want to know. Cutting corners to find a cheaper discount doctor often means lower chance for success and more complications during and after your reversal. When looking for a heart surgeon for your father or a chemotherapy doctor for your daughter do you shop around looking for the cheapest or do you take your time to find the very best. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Watch out for unexpected surprise bills.

We frequently hear about horror stories from patients who had their first reversal by another self-proclaimed “expert.” I have heard men were quoted a low surgeon facility fee, only to receive surprise bills after the vasectomy reversal for many thousands of dollars! There are also many doctors who surprise their patients with the news that additional or more complex surgery was performed and so now you owe an additional hundreds to many thousands of dollars.

It only takes a few dollars to create an impressive website and make all kinds of claims, all to make you believe that they offer the same success and care as the top experts.

Find out the facts and call 888-722-2929 or email We are here and ready to answer any questions and set up a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors for phone, office, FaceTime or Skype.