Comparing Cost of Reversals

When you are comparing prices, you are smart to be very careful. Even for doctors with the same costs, you need to know exactly what do you get for that investment.

Just because somebody charges the “correct” amount as everybody else does not mean they’re skilled and competent. Just the same just because somebody charges significantly more does not mean they are better. Continuing with that, if somebody charges substantially less, then your first question should be “where is this guy cutting corners and how can this hurt me?” Ask the tough questions.

Yet there are many doctors, always of course self-proclaimed experts, that create the image of expertise and yet when we read their operative notes and see their work, it is clear that they really either don’t know what they’re doing or are choosing to cut corners to go fast or save a few bucks. It’s your job as the consumer and prospective patient to learn about what it takes to do a reversal and how to correctly perform a reversal.

In this unsupervised and unregulated aspect of medicine, there are many outstanding dedicated and skilled doctors performing vasectomy reversals. Unfortunately, there are also surprisingly large number of doctors with impressive websites and amazing claims, who quite honestly don’t have any idea what they’re doing, perform poor quality reversals, and often really don’t care. Yet every one will tell you that he is an expert.

We are not selling TVs or lawnmowers. Because it is always the exact same item, finding one for less makes sense. When it comes to services that are dependent on skill and expertise of the doctor, there is wide variability in the quality of the care you will receive and the results. If we were all exactly the same, and gave you the same chances for success, then absolutely cost should be a primary reason to choose your doctor. But this is not the case when it comes to reversals.

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