Reversal Patients from Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Boulder, Aspen, Vail and throughout Colorado

Almost every week men from Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Boulder and throughout Colorado choose ICVR because they insist on the very highest chances for success with their vasectomy reversal, up to 99.5% at our full-time, reversal only center. Each doctor chooses to limit his practice to only one reversal a day so you get our full, undivided attention to detail.

Of course, there are good urologists locally. But why settle for anything less than the best?

With almost 6000 men from every state in the US and more than 78 countries, when you ask the questions, you will quickly learn why our Center of Excellence is your smartest choice. And with babies from men as far as 42 years from vasectomy (the world record), ICVR offers you the highest success with the very best care, anywhere.

“Our experience and proven results makes the difference so you can achieve your dream of having children together.”
Sheldon H F Marks, MD

Consider that Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows provide:
-Their personal cell phone numbers so you have direct access
Pain-free surgery and recovery with no risky general anesthesia
No charge for sperm banking
-Guarantee that your doctor will perform the entire reversal with no doctors-in-training involved with your surgery

Plus, Dr. Marks is one of the few reversal experts that teaches other reversal doctors his techniques at international courses and fertility society classes.

Call 888-722-2929 or contact us at to find out why ICVR is the logical destination for men from Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and throughout all of Colorado, who insist on the having very best chances for success by the best vasectomy reversal experts.

You can arrange for a no-charge office, phone or FaceTime consultation with Dr. Marks or Burrows, daytime, evenings or weekends!