ICVR Patients from Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Vasectomy Reversals are a major part of our practice over the past 25 years. With almost 5000 vasectomy reversals, we have a world-class success rate of up to 99%, which is unmatched anywhere. This includes very challenging redo reversals, where we repair failed vasectomy reversals from other doctors. Many of our vasectomy reversal patients from the greater Phoenix area are more than 20 to 42 years from vasectomy, still with the same high chances for success and fertility. In fact, we have the world record at 42 years from vasectomy to successful reversal!

In fact, many Phoenix patients take advantage of our Phoenix clinic to be able to meet and talk with Dr. Marks or Dr. Burrows about vasectomy reversal as an option. With 2 clinics in Phoenix, we see many patients before and after their vasectomy reversal.

We have pioneered the use of mild conscious sedation to keep you safe and comfortable without the risks and toxicity of a deep general anesthesia. With plenty of long-acting local numbing solution, your reversal is essentially pain free. This, with our success rates, our full-time andrology lab with free sperm banking and 24/7 access to your doctors, are just some of the reasons why so many from throughout Phoenix choose ICVR for their vasectomy reversal. We are proud that in addition to Phoenix, many of our patients travel from every state in the US and internationally for their vasectomy reversal.

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