ICVR Patients from Denver, Colorado

Vasectomy Reversals from Denver and surrounding communities continue to be a frequent location for many of our reversal patients. With a proven track record of almost 4000 vasectomy reversals over the past 22 years, our patients have success rate of as high as 96%. This enviable success rate for our patients from Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Pueblo and surrounding areas also includes very difficult redo reversals, where we repair other doctors' failed reversals. We have patients from the greater Denver area and elsewhere in Colorado that are more than 20 to 35 years from vasectomy, still with the same high chances for a successful reversal and fertility. In fact, we have the world record of a successful reversal 42 years from vasectomy, now with a beautiful 5 year old daughter!

Dr. Marks or Dr. Burrows are happy to talk with you at no charge, during regular work hours, evenings and weekends about vasectomy reversals at ICVR. Denver has always been good for ICVR, and we strive to be sure we provide a level of caring and attention to detail you won't find anywhere else.

We pioneered using mild conscious sedation to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your vasectomy reversal without the risks and toxicity of deep general anesthesia. Using plenty of long acting numbing medication, your reversal is essentially pain free. This, with our success rates, our full-time andrology lab with free sperm banking and 24/7 access to your doctors are just some of the reason why so many from Denver and throughout Colorado choose ICVR to perform their vasectomy reversal.

We are proud that in addition to Denver, most of our patients travel to ICVR from every state in the US and internationally for their vasectomy reversal . We offer complete all-inclusive packages to save you time, money and worry.

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