3D Surgery System for Vasectomy Reversals

ICVR and Dr. Sheldon Marks were chosen to be the first vasectomy reversal microsurgeons in the world to try out a new 3D surgery system. Rather than looking through the lenses of their high power surgical microscope, this new 3D system allowed Dr. Marks to view the surgery though 3D glasses while watching the vasectomy reversal on a large high quality monitor. "This will make a real difference allowing top vasectomy reversal experts to teach other doctors critical concepts and techniques when performing a microsurgical vasectomy reversal correctly" Dr. Marks said.

Instead of looking directly through the binocular lenses, a 3D camera is placed onto the microscope and this then transmits the image onto a large industrial quality monitor. Much like watching 3D movies in the theaters, Dr. Marks then wore special 3D glasses. This allowed for watching the high magnification vasectomy reversal with extreme quality, so that microsutures could be placed and tied precisely.

As one of only a handful of top experts in vasectomy reversal, ICVR and Dr. Marks were a natural choice to be the first to try this new 3D microsurgery system. Until now, only neurosurgeons and ophthalmologists had access to this 3D microsurgery system. Whether speaking at international conferences, teaching other doctors how to perform vasectomy reversals or developing new microsurgical instruments and now testing new 3D optics systems, Dr. Marks and ICVR remain on the cutting edge to be able to provide the best microsurgical vasectomy reversal care and success to their patients.

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